What Executives are saying

Lapo Pistelli

Executive Vice President


‘It is quite clear that Cyprus has huge potential because of its geographical location at the center of the basin, because all options are open in case of new discoveries’

Mark O' Neil


Columbia Shipmanagement

'If you look at Cyprus it has extremely well-developed infrastructure, the roads, the hospitals, the schools. It has a very educated dynamic creative workforce, a reliable and dependable judicial ...

Dieter Rohdenburg


Intership Navigation CO. LTD

‘The initial advantage for shipping companies in Cyprus is the taxation, but the most important benefit to register your Company in Cyprus in one phrase, is the ease of doing business. We ...

Yves Grosjean

General Manager

Total E&P Cyprus

"Cyprus is strategically located between North Africa and the Middle East. This location allows for more rapid deployment of our technology to oil producing nations such as ...

Anna Romanenko


ABC International Consultant CO.

"Most people would say that there is a really good taxation system, but i would say, not from the point of a business woman, but from the point of a mother, that is really great and safe to ...

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