Aug 9, 2017

The 2nd Cyprus International Investors Summit

The 2nd Cyprus International Investors Summit

The 2nd Cyprus International Investors Summit presents investment opportunities in the Property, Real Estate and Leisure sectors in Cyprus.

The Summit will present the local real estate, property and leisure markets to those interested in investing in Cyprus and the real estate/leisure markets, following the country’s dynamic recovery from the financial crisis.

Don’t miss the chance to meet and network with 100+ delegates from around the globe, including local companies that will showcase their residential, commercial and mixed-use real estate products to interested delegates. Download the delegates pack with further details

The Summit will host institutional investors, investment firms, real estate agents, citizenship specialists, real estate lawyers, family offices and property/leisure fund providers from the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA.

Organised by Invest Cyprus (CIPA), the 2nd Cyprus International Investors Summit is one of a kind, taking place in Limassol, Cyprus in September 2017, making it a perfect platform for institutional investors, investment firms, real estate agents, citizenship specialists, real estate lawyers, family offices and property/leisure fund providers to network with local companies involved in the sales and promotion of the real estate/leisure markets. Given the stability of the real estate market, which continues to show clear sustainable growth, the Summit is set to be the most exciting event where companies can network and conduct serious transactional business.

The Cyprus Success Story

Cyprus has experienced unprecedented economic growth during the past few years, as reflected in all macroeconomic indicators such as GDP, national debt and unemployment rates. The performance of Cyprus’ economy has gained international praise, through consecutive credit rating upgrades, with forecasts showing a steady positive growth rate of around 3% for the years from 2017 to 2021. In parallel to the growth path of the economy, FDI inflows having increased by 9.1% within 2016, recording the second largest increase across Europe. This rejuvenated investor interest was reflected in substantial investments materialised in a variety of sectors, such as Banking, Tourism and Hospitality, Real Estate and Retail, while new large scale development projects are expected to boost economic activity and change the face and image of the island.

Recent indicators of Cyprus’ positive economic outlook include:

  • Record years in 2015 and 2016 for the tourism sector, both in terms of arrivals and in terms of actual spending
  • Establishment of new companies in Cyprus in a variety of sectors
  • Interest by oil & gas global industry giants in the 3rd licensing round for offshore natural gas exploration rights
  • Tripling of assets under management in Cyprus within the last three years
  • Substantial increase in investments in real estate and land development

By joining us at the upcoming 2nd Cyprus International Investors Summit, you will be informed of all investment opportunities in the Cyprus economy, with special emphasis on the local real estate, property and leisure markets. Click here to register now.

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