Invest Cyprus Covid-19 Response Plan: Important Info

Updates in Cyprus - 22 April 2020
22 April 2020
Invest Cyprus Covid-19 Response Plan: Important Info
As the world is reaching 2.5 Million Covid-19 confirmed cases, Invest Cyprus would like to express its solidarity and support to our fellow global citizens and friends.  Our deepest appreciation and gratitude go to all frontline workers and healthcare professionals for their heroic actions during these extraordinary and difficult times. 

The Cyprus government is continuing to combat the pandemic of Covid-19 through a series of decisive and carefully planned measures by adopting best practices and through consultation with local and global health experts.  Our people’s responsible and united behaviour in swiftly adopting the new social distancing rules, which have been implemented early on, have shown optimistic results in stabilizing the number of confirmed coronavirus cases which effectively led towards the flattening of the curve, as shown in the table below:
Through an increased number of testing samples and other precautionary measures, that are available to all people living and working in Cyprus, experts of the government’s scientific team are confident that the situation will continue to improve and that, without unjustified optimism, Cyprus can maintain a strong possibility of a prudent but yet dynamic restart of the economy, as soon as conditions allow that to happen. 

In his statement, George Campanellas, the CEO of Invest Cyprus pointed out that: “the effectiveness of our Government’s measures and people’s behaviour resulted, so far, in Cyprus having the lowest number of cases per number of tests in Europe”. 

The table below shows that the Cyprus government invested heavily on tests and managed to control the situation, achieving the lowest cases/tests ratio in Europe:
Beyond the excellent geographic location, the attractive taxation and sound legal systems, the low cost of doing business, Cyprus has always been considered as one of the safest destinations for foreign investors and international companies to base their operations. “Maintaining high levels of health and safety remains our Government’s top priority”, George said, and added that: “having the highest percentage per capita of tertiary education and one of the highest per capita number of foreign companies, Cyprus multinational society is well positioned not only to respond adequately to the current crisis but overcome any difficulties, as proven in the past”.

While humanity shines bright during these unprecedented times, all global citizens have an important role to play.  None of us have ever been through a situation like this, but the people of Cyprus remain strong and united while demonstrating great perseverance, patience and compassion against the fight of Covid-19.


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