Cyprus: Roadmap for Reopening Airports on 9th of June 2020

25 May 2020
Cyprus: Roadmap for Reopening Airports on 9th of June 2020
The remarkable results that Cyprus achieved in tackling the pandemic have been praised by the international community as a success story. The government’s response and Cypriots’ responsible behavior led to single-digit confirmed cases daily reported since the beginning of May. The island of Cyprus managed to maintain its reputation as one of the safest island economies globally.
Earlier this month, the successful lifting of restrictions has paved the way towards the resumption of flights earlier than expected. This resulted in Cabinet’s decision to approve an action plan for easing flight restrictions on the 9th of June.  The connectivity of Cyprus with other countries is gradually restored, with the opening of airports and flights to 19 countries, welcoming international business and tourism.

The initial plan includes: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Israel, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, Malta, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Estonia, and Czechia. All nationals traveling to Cyprus would have to furnish a clear Covid-19 test conducted 72 hours prior to departure.

Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos also announced the end of mandatory quarantine as from May 25th and the opening of hotels on June 1st in line with health protocols. Cypriot citizens and legal residents in Cyprus will in turn be able to carry out the laboratory test upon arrival in Cyprus.
George Campanellas, CEO of Invest Cyprus stressed that: “This is a dynamic process and the government following recommendations by the epidemic Committee of experts is giving emphasis to maintain the excellent conditions in CY”. He added: “As a government organization with the mandate to facilitate any foreign investment inquiry, we stand ready to provide further information and support to international business and investment community wishing to visit the island”
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