Interactive Online Briefing with Investors – Tuesday 28th April 2020

An online discussion with the participation of the Minister of Finance and existing investors on measures taken to tackle the pandemic and the day after for investments
23 April 2020
Interactive Online Briefing with Investors – Tuesday 28th April 2020
The Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency (Invest Cyprus) is taking a leading role in the efforts to restart the economy, both through the support of existing investors as well as through the submission of a package of proposals to the government to further improve the investment environment of  the country.
In this context, Invest Cyprus organizes on Tuesday April 28, 2020 an online discussion entitled "Cyprus – Covid-19 Response Plan: What lies ahead" with the Finance Minister, Mr. Constantinos Petridis, the Chairman of Invest Cyprus Mr. Michalis P. Michael and the Director General of the Organization Mr. George Campanellas. The aim of the discussion is to inform the existing foreign investors about the measures taken by the government to deal with the consequences of the pandemic and the restoration of economic activity in our country. At the same time, during the discussion, foreign investors will be given the opportunity to convey their suggestions, views and concerns.
The Director General of the Organization, Mr. Giorgos Campanellas, said that this online briefing is a first-class opportunity to listen to foreign investors and register their thoughts and ideas. "Foreign Direct Investments are extremely important for the Cypriot economy. The actions of the Agency throughout the previous period have focused on maintaining our contacts with foreign investors, but also sustaining our country as an attractive investment destination and a competitive business center, since at the end of the pandemic we should be ready to respond to the new facts that will have been created". 
It is worth noting that part of the Agency's mission, which is the competent government authority for the promotion and attraction of foreign direct investment and foreign companies in our country, is both the facilitation of existing investors, as well as the submission of proposals to the government in order to improve the attractiveness of the country as a destination for foreign direct investment. Right from the beginning of the crisis, the main concern of the Organization was to support existing investors by providing information and assistance to solve problems that arose as a result of the pandemic and the restrictive measures taken. 
To this end, last week, Invest Cyprus submitted to the government a multi-page document with suggestions at two levels.  The first, concerns the necessary financial support for the implementation of an intensive campaign to promote the country as a destination for foreign direct investment and international businesses with a strong presence in the international media, the Internet and social networks, especially during the next 18 months.
The second level concerns the adoption of new government policies and incentives across all sectors of the economy to further enhance the investment environment and strengthen the image of Cyprus as an attractive investment destination.
The contribution of foreign investors with financial  or other type of donations, either to the Institute of Neurology and Genetics or to the State Health Services Organization (OKYPY) as part of the effort to tackle the pandemic, was welcomed by Invest Cyprus’ Chairman Mr. Michalis P. Michael, who said: "It is with great pleasure that we see a significant number of foreign investors who have chosen our country to set up their businesses, who consider Cyprus as their home and contribute through donations to the treatment of the pandemic. We thank the shareholders of Exness, Easybrain, TheSoul Publishing, WiseBits, Embria, FunCorp, Haxus,, Nexters,,, AsGuard Software and Roman Semiokin, for their willingness to contribute in addressing the situation."  
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