Invest.Career Launch

An initiative of Invest Cyprus with the support of the Ministry of Labor, Welfare and Social Insurance
13 April 2018
Invest.Career Launch
“Cyprus: Where talent meets opportunity”

Financial stability and economic growth have generated keen international interest in Cyprus, leading to a steady increase in foreign direct investment. A large number of international companies are relocating their headquarters to the country, while many more are expanding their activities here by setting up new offices. Among the many competitive advantages, foreign investors are attracted by Cyprus’ exceptionally talented and skilled workforce as well as the easy access it offers to a European and world-wide pool of highly qualified human capital. 

As a proactive response to the growing number of job opportunities, Invest Cyprus is launching an online platform where local and international professionals can match their talent and skills with existing job openings in their sector of interest.  With the ‘Invest Career’ platform, locally based featured companies and employers will, at the same time, be able to capitalise on the available human talent by using highly effective search tools that will enable them to identify and attract the best available talent.

Aiming for the best possible outcome, the platform enables its members to set up their profile based on specific criteria that will result in effective and accurate matches with potential candidates/employers. This allows companies to search for their ideal candidates not solely by their field of expertise but also by their level of skills, estimated time needed to relocate to Cyprus and their desired salary range. An additional feature which differentiates Invest Career is that participating professionals will also receive notifications regarding jobs that match their skills and overall profiles.
Invest Career is part of the Organisation’s effort to provide continuous support to existing investors and potential investors and to help them thrive in their business endeavours by making the most out of what Cyprus has to offer. 
Join Invest Career now

Cypriot/foreign professionals or employers can simply join Invest Career by registering online. Following their registration, a confirmation request will be sent to their e-mail account. Once the registration is confirmed, they will be part of a unique pool of listed professionals and companies seeking to make the most out of what Cyprus offers in terms of job opportunities and human talent.
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