Invest Cyprus sets new areas for global cooperation

Invest Cyprus sets new areas for global cooperation during Saint-Petersburg International Economic Forum: Challenges of labour market transformation were discussed
6 June 2018
Invest Cyprus sets new areas for global cooperation
For the fourth time Cyprus participated in Saint-Petersburg Economic International Forum, being represented by the Member of the Board of Directors of Invest Cyprus (Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency), Mr. Kyriacos Kokkinos, who held a wide range of personal meetings with representatives of business and non-commercial organizations and discussed the challenges of labour market transformation with the international community.

The delegates from over 100 countries, who participated at the three-day Forum, discussed the opportunities, goals and objectives for the change of world economy in the era of high-tech revolution. 

On the sidelines of the Forum, Mr. Kyriacos Kokkinos met with strategic partners from various sectors, such as Mr. Dmitry Peskov, Director of Young Professionals Department, Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects (ASI), Mr. Simon Bartley, President of WorldSkills International, and Mr. Sergey Chernovolenko, Global CEO of Softline JSC. 

They discussed a broad range of questions from engagement in transformation and improvement of education by development of student exchange programs, exchange of talented workers, and organization of joint with WorldSkills International talent championships to development of smart city infrastructure and establishment of EuVECA fund. “We are always working on broadening global cooperation to have more opportunities to bring best practices and experience to our country and share our experience with the world”, stated Mr. Kokkinos.

During the event, the Member of the Board of Directors of Invest Cyprus discussed with the participants the current situation in the global labour market. During his participation as a speaker of a panel discussion entitled “Transformation of the labour market: meeting the challenges”, Mr. Kokkinos analysed his vision on ways to solve critical situations on the market and shared experience of Cyprus in development of talents and improvement of human resources for the benefit of country’s economy. Mr. Kokkinos explained, that “there are many challenges at the moment that the world is facing and are driving at accelerated pace of change the labour market, shaping the future of work; these drivers, apart from the technological forces that are shaping the digital economy, include demographic changes, environmental and climate change forces as well as the shifting of economy power towards new economies.  In order to respond to these changes, we need to revisit –and this is what Cyprus is currently implementing- our workforce strategies and ‘create’ the new ‘knowledge worker’ through disruptive changes in our education system –need to reinvent education- as well as organisations to adopt new human capital practices that promote collaboration, agility at work and focus on soft skills, such as creativity, complex problem solving, leadership and entrepreneurship"

He also highlighted the country’s initiatives on collaboration in the domains of research and innovation, such as the recently signed MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between Cyprus and Skolkovo as well as the launched program for Startup Visas, which aims in attracting startups to setup their operations in Cyprus.   


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